Feature film for the whole family that made it to the movies.
Roles: cinematographer, camera gear, drone operator.
Producer: Imagery Finland  Director: Jani Korhonen
Distributor: Black Lion Pictures

Commercial shot in beautiful fall colors of Helvetinjärvi National Park.
Roles: executive producer, cinematographer, colorist
ClientAiram Electric  Director: Olavi Rautio

Aftermovie of an event showcasing the latest virtual production technology.
Client: RMC Light & Sound Oy
Roles: videographer, editor

Fast-paced trailer representing possibilities of KymiRing.
Roles: editor, sound design, motion graphics
Client: TAVATON End client: KymiRing

Valtra's 70 years special that was assembled at my desk.
Roles: editor (excluding trailers and inserts), 2nd unit cam.
Client: RMC Light & Sound Oy  End Client: Valtra Oy Ab
Producer: TAPAUS  Director: Markus Virpiö

Biofarm's Tallien Sankarit episodes 6-10 has been shot by me.
Roles: cinematographer, drone operator.
Client: TAVATON End Client: Biofarm

ECO-Asfalt promotion video with a premium voice-over talent.
Main roles: cinematographer, editor, motion graphics
Client: PEAB  Voice-over: Artturi Laukkanen

Speed drawing video informing what it means to be a godparent.
Roles: cinematographer, editor, motion graphics
Client: Fida International

Trailer for a video series explaining basics of christianity.
Main roles: cinematographer, editor, sound design
Client: Tampere Pentecostal Church

Music video that I produced, shot and edited for rap artist Darre.
Also restored a rowing boat along the project ;)

2019 European Parliament election video for candidate Elsi Ranta.

Showing the best of Paris as we traveled to France with Juho Leppänen from Kamerastore.

A music video shot back in 2017 which I'm still very proud to present!