Hi! I'm Teemu Raassina, also known as Nicodemus, an organized creative professional. Cinematographer, Editor and Producer from Finland. My passion is to immerse viewers in a story by using all the means of audiovisual techniques, achieving a seamless flow of motion. Always willing to find new creative ways to capture a shot that amplifies the narrative.
My journey as a filmmaker began back in spring 2014 from church youth meetings. I were asked to operate one of the cameras although I had no previous experience of such. But it turned out that next summer I bought my first camera. One year later I founded my company and started producing corporate videos while studying mathematics in university. Interest gradially shifted from numbers into camera movements so when I graduated back in 2019, it was time to leap into full-time filmmaking. And what a ride it has been! Working for dozens of different companies, seeing beautiful places and meeting interesting people along the way. Biggest highlight to this day has to be working as a cinematographer in a film "JP ja Murtovaras" that hit movie theathers in summer 2021.
In addition to films I'm an extreme sports enthusiast so I'm always down for a new adventure. Hit me up and let's talk what we can create together!
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